Quality Assurance
Client Satisfaction

At AZA Care Management and Home Care, client satisfaction is a priority. AZA provides special outreach to our clients and enables them to offer honest feedback about our services and how we have met their needs. We highly value these comments and use them to improve and enhance the delivery of our services and to provide additional training to our staff and consultants. Additionally, we incorporate this feedback in our strategic development process in order to maintain our reputation as the premier Care Management practice in the region.


Quality Assurance Surveys

One of the ways we elicit ongoing feedback is through our Quality Assurance Survey. This survey starts with an inquiry about the first call to AZA’s office and continues with detailed questions about the entire process in working with AZA, including information about the particular Care Manager or Caregiver that was assigned to the case. We have found the responses to these surveys to be very informative and are also proud of the fact that the vast majority of our clients are quite pleased with their relationship with AZA.


Exit Interviews

Another way we obtain information to assure that we are being the very best we can be is by conducting volunteer Exit Interviews when our services are no longer needed. Many clients and families have participated and we are very pleased with the results of these candid interviews. By and large, these Exit Interviews validate the services that we perform and the professional manner in which they are delivered.