AZA Caregivers
From awake supervision, bedtime preparation, medication management, assistance with the Activities of Daily Living, transportation or household assistance and organization, AZA Home HealthCare associates offer kindhearted physical and emotional support.
“Over the past year, my husband who has severe Alzheimer’s disease, has been very well cared for at home
by AZA Home HealthCare.  Every Aide has been a good match for the job, and our family has been 
very happy with the quality of care, no exceptions.  The Aides are considerate and tactfully caring. 
They check his BP and keep track of his eating and daily moods.  They are skillful companions,
maintaining his ability to communicate by engaging his interest by conversation.”  
Judith G., Cambridge, MA
All AZA Caregivers are fully vetted and are certified at the level of care they provide.  We do criminal history and character reference background verifications.  Our Caregivers are all AZA employees and are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance and they are all bonded.