When facing illness or disease, many people prefer to “Age in Place”- remaining in their own homes where familiarity, routines and memories can create a better structure and quality of life.  AZA’s Caregivers can provide comfort and safety at home by performing the simplest of needs such as food preparation, laundry, transportation and errands to more challenging duties.  All of our Caregivers can and will provide mental stimulation and socialization as needed.

Our team of Caregivers can help chronically ill and disabled patients with continuous long-term care – or substitute for family or friend caregivers who are seeking a brief respite.  We can also provide help on a short-term basis for those who are recuperating from an illness or surgery.

Our Caregivers are able to attend to the needs of Alzheimer’s patients and those suffering from related dementias and mental illness so they can avoid the discomfort and lack of dignity often associated with more institutional environments.  Among those we help are people with diabetes, stroke and cardiac disease, cancer patients and  those with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

We can also lend a helping hand to those who are simply slowing down, feeling lonely or have recently suffered a loss.   Whatever the situation or need, please give us a call.  If we cannot help you, we will likely have resources that can.